Hotel description

Cronwell Park Yahonty is located in Tarusa Kaluga region 98 km from Moscow in South West direction.

Address: 249180, Gribovka, Kaluga Oblast, Zhukovsky district, Gribovka, ул. Kaluzhskay obl. Zhukovskiy r-n

Terms of stay

These rules of accommodation in hotel are general and can vary by room type. Please check the room description.

Booking cancellationFor cancellations less than 72 hours before date of arrival will be charged in the amount of the booked rooms for first night of stay.
Extra bedsAccommodation of a child up to 3 years - free of charge. Child under 10 years - 50%.

Location, directions to the hotel

Road transport on the Kiev highway to the town of Obninsk, further towards Kremenki, Serpukhov, Chausovo to the station "Pine forest". By public transport: by train from the Kiev railway station or by bus from m. Yugo-Zapadnaya to Obninsk, then bus in the direction of Serpukhov, or kremanki to the station "Pine forest".